Terrarium Thursdays

Thursdays at 6.30pm - We send you the entire kit in the post. £60

Missing being able to get creative with others?

We have moved our workshops online, so that you can take part live in the comfort of your home (even in your pyjamas if you wish!)

We will post a Terrarium making kit to you including, glass terrarium, plants, all materials and equipment which will be yours to keep.

All you’ll need is access to WiFi and to have downloaded the ‘zoom app’ (free).

Prior to the workshop you’ll be sent a link which will allow you access to the workshop live and don’t worry, if you miss anything you’ll also be sent a link to the recording after the class.

This recording will also be available to you if you prefer not to take part live and wish to do the tutorial in your own time, at a later date.

There will be also access to a 14 day plant emergency hotline following the class (via WhatsApp), where you are able to send us messages and photos if there’s anything you’re worried about regarding your terrarium, and we will do our best to help.

Please note that you will receive an email from us requesting your postal address once your booking is complete, so that we can get your kit to you.

What to expect if you attend this workshop:

  • A relaxed tutorial giving you the opportunity to create beautiful, living landscapes. All materials, plants and equipment will be provided in your kit.
  • Kit includes: Terrarium (20cm glass globe as featured in the header picture), Cork patter tool, 3 plants, Pebbles, Moss, Gravel, Potting soil, Watering syringe.
  • 14 day Plant Care Hotline (via WhatsApp). We’re obviously hoping you won’t need to use this but you can send us photos of your terrariums should you be worried and we’ll do our best to diagnose the problem.
  • Workshops will be run by Shilpa and her team. Shilpa runs a sustainable floristry company and is a lover of all things green. Shilpa’s workshops are regularly featured in the evening standard. The workshop will take the form of a guided, live, simple to follow demonstration to create your bottle garden with a recording available after the event.
  • Plant care tips and tricks
  • A bit on terrarium history (for nerdy types like us!)