Weddings, Events & Installations

Flowers dress the scene for the biggest days in our lives, weddings, christenings, parties and celebrations and sombre affairs such as funerals or commiseration flowers.Whatever the purpose of your event, our flower arrangements and installations bring a sense of style to your gathering and set the mood that you wish to present.

Well, flowers are not only beautiful — and set almost any ambiance, which represents your personality — flowers have deep symbolic meanings too. Flowers represent new life and new beginnings, and have been proven to improve wellbeing and reduce stress, perfect for the most important (and somewhat stressful) day of your life! 

More than anything, flowers are a universal symbol of love and take pride of place at many weddings, parties & christenings.

We celebrate the unique nature of every wedding and private event. We also love an original vision. Our tried and tested process means your big day will be simple and stress-free. It’s our framework for success, which rather than restricting our boundless creativity, allows us the breathing space and clarity to express ourselves artistically.